Facade Program

The Downtown Midland Business Improvement Area (BIA) is pleased to introduce the new façade program to stimulate improvements to the exterior of downtown buildings. The program offers a grant that will cover 50% of the total cost project up to a maximum cost of $3,000 depending on the project. The purpose is to assist downtown business owners with the financing of street oriented building façade improvements.

Background Information

The façade program will offer the opportunity for business owners who have been Downtown Midland for one year to bring their front and rear façade (customer entrances or highly visible areas) up to a standard set forth and approved by the BIA. Improvements requested by a business owner will be considered, and with BIA approval, the business owner will receive a grant. Applicants must match the grant amounts dollar for dollar. Business owners must be Downtown Midland for a minimum of one (1) year in order to apply for our façade program.

Eligible Work



How it works

The program is a 2-way split:

50% - Business owner

50% - Downtown Midland BIA

Business owners of a structure located with the Midland BIA area may apply for the façade program.

All applicants must be accompanied by 2 justifiable quotes in writing from a reputable supplier/contractor and a rendering of the work to be completed.

$15,000 per year is available from the Midland BIA for approved projects submitted from applicants. As a result the Midland BIA has the potential to realise $30,000 in improvements into our downtown per year.

All improvements must be in accordance with criteria laid out by the BIA. Enhancements beyond those laid out by the program will not be considered for funding.

Minimum project funded will be in the amount of $500 per building.

Maximum project funded will be in the amount of $3,000 per building.

Application and funding must be approved, in writing, by the BIA before the work is commenced.

Funding for continuation of the façade program in subsequent years is uncertain.

Buildings which benefitted from funding in previous years will be considered after all other applications have been reviewed.

Awnings $2,500

Signs $1,000

Lights $1,000

Façade $2,500

Windows and doors $2,000

Any work being done by the building or business owner will be subject to consideration of material reimbursement. Example 50% of paint cost.


All applications for the program are to be submitted by April 30th each year (Date may be extended due to circumstances). Failure to commence work before December 31st of the same year will result in an immediate forfeit of project funding. All work is to be completed before December 31st of the same year.


Payment will be made upon satisfactory completion of the work undertaken and on presentation of paid final invoice. Payment will be 50% of best quote regardless of which contractor is chosen, with a minimum of $500 and up to a maximum of $3,000 per building.


The Downtown Midland Business Improvement Area is delighted to initiate this program!

Download The Facade Program Application Form

Town of Midland CIP Application Form

NSCFDC Application Form

Love Your Laneways CIP Grant Application Form