2023 Strategic Pillars

These 5 strategic pillars are the backbone of the BIA’s 2023 strategy to support a thriving and prosperous, safe and vibrant community.

They are the focused priorities that outline the methods in which we achieve our goals and mission. 


The BIA Board will prioritize these to achieve positive change and engagement to support all Downtown Midland BIA members.       



Promotion & Events


Beautification & Signage


Amenities & Security


Expansion & Fulfillment


Alignment & Communication

Overall promotion of downtown midland and the routine events that drive more people to Midland's core.

Establishing consistent engagement, communication, and marketing of Downtown Midland through five key initiatives. 

Managing the visual experience of the downtown and coordinating seasonally to create a delightful and memorable experience for visitors.

Providing clear signage to support an enjoyable downtown experience.

Ensuring the daily experience of the community, tourists and BIA members is positive, safe, and easy.

This means making sure the area is safe, clean, and simple to be downtown Midland. 

Driving expansion of the BIA boundaries and working to fill vacancies. 

Collaborate with town and others to address condemned buildings.


Bring together the business and property owners of the BIA area to align and collaborate on downtown initiatives, operating hours, events, beautification, etc.

Keep members aware of and include them in activities.